Accounting & Bookkeeping

Course Description:

Welcome to the empowering world of Accounting & Bookkeeping! This comprehensive course equips you with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills to understand financial transactions, record them accurately, and generate essential financial reports. Through engaging videos and downloadable documents, you’ll master the accounting equation, double-entry bookkeeping principles, and gain a solid grasp of financial statements. Whether you’re aiming for a career in accounting, running your own business, or simply seeking financial literacy, this course empowers you to manage your finances with confidence.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the core principles of accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Master the accounting equation and its applications.
  • Apply double-entry bookkeeping principles to record financial transactions.
  • Prepare basic financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement.
  • Analyze financial statements to gain insights into a company’s financial health.
  • Utilize basic accounting software to streamline bookkeeping tasks.
  • Develop a strong foundation for further accounting studies or career pursuits.

Course Completion:

This course is designed for self-paced learning. There are no formal assessments; however, each module includes downloadable documents to solidify your understanding and offers opportunities for reflection on the presented concepts. Consider practicing your newly acquired skills by recording sample transactions in a practice accounting journal and creating a simple financial statement for a fictional business.

Additional Notes:

  • The course leverages high-quality YouTube videos from renowned accounting professionals, educators, and software companies.
  • Documents provide deeper dives into key topics and offer practical exercises, templates, and helpful cheat sheets.
  • Consider creating a supplementary resource list suggesting additional learning materials like books, articles, or podcasts on accounting software training and bookkeeping best practices.